D&P Trading BV is a trading company of sailmaker supplies and accessories that are used in the technical and industrial confection. The range consists of various supplies needed for manufacturing, for example : side curtains, tarpaulins, covers, tents, banners, flags, and many other applications.

On our website and in our catalog you will find a large assortment of various articles and the accompanying descriptions, dimensions and packaging units. The website will be expanded and updated almost weekly. We also have a catalog and price list which can be requested on a voluntary request.

We deliver from a central warehouse in Venlo, which also the goods can be picked up. Nearly 85% of our products we can deliver within 24-48 hours when you are a regular client. We strive to offer a competitive price, high quality, fast delivery and offering good service guarantee for our customers. This is only possible thanks to reliable suppliers and producers. Also thanks to years of experience and knowledge we produce parts that apply to the transport sector with a "DEKRA" certificate.

We also represent VERSEIDAG DURASKIN Krefeld Gmbh (DE) in the Netherlands. This is a producing company of high quality PVC fabric for: tents, tarpaulins, side curtains, covers, water tanks, inflatables, bio-gas industry and many more.

Ordered today before 12:00, shipped within 24-48 hours across the Netherlands and Belgium.

For any questions you can reach us by:
Monday till Friday
from 08.00 - 18.00 hour

Our range includes:

- back plates - tornado clips - clip grommets - staples - turnable staples - rocking staples

small turn buttoms - tilt cramps - Minax - Tenax - back plates - press buttons - truck hooks
triangular hooks - s-hooks - krokofix - round buttons - keder hooks - cable clamps - cable ends
tir cable - cable - Anti-vandalism strap - rope - rigging screws - thimbles - elastic cable 
quick releases - rubber tensioners - pvc straps - pvc roll-up straps - pvc roof plates - pvc tir strap
tent window sheet - tentkeder - zippers - hook and loop fasteners - rollers - buckles - bottom straps

pvc webbing - corner protectors - folding plates - securing systems  - tensioners - cross ties - poles 
polyester webbing - lashing straps - ratchets - cam buckles - hooks - profiles - shears - welding equipment
pinch rollers - punches - tools - eyeletting machines - tube clamps - expander loops - pvc  material